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Microcap Millionaire Episode 1: Unveiling the Secrets of Successful Microcap Investing with Cytta Corp. CEO Gary Campbell


In this episode, host Mike Elliott interviews Gary Campbell, CEO of CitiCorp, to discuss successful investing in micro cap stocks. They cover various topics, including identifying promising sectors and companies, challenges and opportunities in small cap investing, choosing the right brokerage, managing risk, resources for due diligence, the impact of macro trends, the psychology of successful investing, diversification strategies, and the future of micro cap investing. They also introduce CitiCorp and highlight the investment opportunity it offers.


  • Identify promising small cap sectors and companies by consuming articles, stories, and information related to the industry. Look for trends and changes in the government, politics, and economy.
  • Small cap investing requires a different approach than large cap investing. Research and knowledge are crucial to de-risk speculation and make informed investment decisions.
  • Use resources like to access company filings and research their background. Focus on companies that are reporting issuers under the Securities Act.
  • Micro cap stocks are less influenced by macro trends and news releases compared to large cap stocks. Focus on the company’s criteria, product, technology, and management team.
  • Communication with the company’s management is important. Reach out to the CEO or company representatives to ask questions and gather information.
  • Diversification in micro cap portfolios may not be necessary. Focus on investing in companies that meet your criteria and have the potential for high returns.
  • The future of micro cap investing may involve more requirements and restrictions to improve the quality of stocks in the market.
  • CitiCorp, ticker symbol CYCA, is developing SaaS-based technology and has upcoming products that could lead to significant growth. Research the company and consider it as an investment opportunity.


Identifying Promising Small Cap Sectors and Companies
Choosing the Right Brokerage for Micro Cap Investing
Managing Risk in a Micro Cap Portfolio
Resources for Due Diligence in Micro Cap Investing
Impact of Macro Trends on Micro Cap Stocks
Diversification Strategies for Micro Cap Portfolios
Future of Micro Cap Investing
Introduction to CitiCorp and Investment Opportunity

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