First Liberty Power (OTCQB: FLPC)

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First Liberty Power
Company History

First Liberty Power Corporation (FLPC) was incorporated in 2007, for the purpose of creating and developing server-based software for wireless communities.

In those early development years, First Liberty Power administrators were faced with significant shortages of the necessary raw materials to equip such devices and communities. As a result, the company undertook deliberate changes in their business strategies and began exploring domestic energy and mineral properties.

In January 2011, Don Nicholson accepted the position of First Liberty Power CEO, with the goal of helping the company reformat to meet the rapidly growing demand for minerals critical to current and emerging technologies.

Today, under the guidance, of Don and his expert board of directors, First Liberty Power is poised to become a leader in the exploration, development, mining and refining industries, with a corporate mission of supplying “mined in America” strategic industrial minerals to power the future.

Company Overview

At First Liberty Power, our corporate philosophy is driven by a dedication to Pathways of Progress, a program of best corporate practices designed to rapidly drive FLPC towards mine production and milling.

We believe in Pathways of Progress as a method of benefiting FLPC shareholders, investors and mining partners, and also as a means of ensuring safety, environmental integrity, and good governance.

First Liberty Power Company fully recognizes and capitalizes on the continually increasing demand for strategic industrial minerals. This is why FLPC has set forth an aggressive corporate strategy to position itself as a leading domestic supplier of such minerals, including antimony, lithium, uranium and vanadium.

Currently, FLPC owns interests in four properties, Fencemaker, Lida Valley and Smoky Valley in Nevada and San Juan in Utah.