Solo International (OTC: SLIO)

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Solo International Inc. (OTC:SLIO) is a exploration and development mining company with a focus on deposits of rare earth metals and rare earth elements. The Company has mineral claims totaling 120 hectares located in the mining friends jurisdiction of Portland Township Quebec, Canada.

The Company's mission is to build a portfolio of viable mining prospects throughout the world and developing them to their full economic potential.

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BioElectronics Corp. (OTC:BIEL)

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BioElectronics Corporation (OTC: BIEL), headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, USA, is an award winning developer and manufacturer of innovative consumer medical devices that are designed to treat both acute and chronic pain. These medical devices are a pioneering advancement of pulsed shortwave therapy. Traditional pulsed shortwave therapies are clinically proven, effective, safe and have been used for decades by physicians and physiotherapists. Advances in microelectronics have made it possible to deliver clinically proven and superior extended duration therapy in a small, convenient and economical medical device. Bioelectroceuticals have an improved pulse rate and lower power level to provide superior extended duration treatments and safe home use therapy to lower the cost of care. Our products cover a wide range of markets including the ActiPatch® for Musculoskeletal Pain, Smart Insole™ for Foot Care, Allay® for Menstrual Pain, RecoveryRx® for Chronic Wounds and Postoperative Recovery and HealFast® for cats, dogs and horses.

Tamino Minerals (TINO)

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Tamino Minerals is a Montreal-based mining exploration company committed to delivering value to its shareholders by acquiring, developing and mining precious metals deposits in Mexico. They are a publicly traded company listed on the OTC under the symbol TINO. Tamino’s objective is to build and operate world-class gold projects and develop a robust portfolio of gold properties within the Republic of Mexico

BreedIT Corp. (OTC: BRDT)

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BreedIT Corp., through its subsidiary BreedIT Ltd., is an emerging provider of highly sophisticated agro-breeding solutions for plant breeders and researchers.

With its Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS), an advanced software developed by a team of the world’s leading breeding experts, BreedIT provides breeding technologies, support and integration systems to aid in planning, analyzing and managing breeding data quickly and effectively. The IDSS enables breeders to optimize their seed breeding process yielding to efficiency, consistency and high quality results for the most desirable hybrid seed. Founded in 2013, BreedIT is located in New York and in Rehovot, Israel and is listed in the OTC Market as BRDT.

Development Concepts Energy (GESI)

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Developments Concept Energy LLC is an Oil & Gas exploration and production company targeting the Bakken formation in northwestern North Dakota. The Company is currently planning a major role in the transportation of oil, gas, jetfuel; and opportunistic acreage acquisition. With disciplined operation, low overhead and an aggressive acreage acquisition strategy, Development Concepts Energy is poised to take full advantage of opportunities throughout the oil-rich Bakken. The company plans on obtaining oil & gas production through acquisition and exploration. The plan is to obtain immediate production for equity holders. It will also be looking for exploration wells in addition. The company, through immediate producing wells, feels that it is reducing risk associated with exploratory wells that miss the mark. Development Concepts Energy is a publicly traded company currently listed on the OTC under ticker symbol GESI and you can find out more about them by visiting the company’s website at