AllDigital Holdings (OTCQB: ADGL)

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Company Overview

AllDigital offers digital broadcasting solutions that enable the secure transport of digital media to multiple connected devices simultaneously. Our state-of-the-art app frameworks, data management and integration services can ingest, store, prepare, secure, convert and deliver video-on-demand assets and live media feeds to mobile, desktop and digital televisions. We primarily target content owners and enterprises that have a need to distribute their media assets and online services to a highly fragmented market of IP-enabled devices.

Company Highlights
  • AllDigtial's value proposition is to radically reduce the cost and complexity of digital media distribution including hi-definition audio and video content.
  • Growing list of clients include Fortune 100 and major media & entertainment brands.
  • Our business model is focused on generating monthly recurring revenue from platform feeds, maintenance and service and support contracts.
  • AllDigital Cloud Platform is highly sticky in terms of client retention, update and upgrade opportunities and congoing customer support.
  • Robust sales pipeline in a large and growing addressable market.
  • Proven management team with a record of building tchnology companies.
AllDigital Cloud
  • Grid computing / Modular architecture
  • High-speed data transfer and encoding
  • Media-on-demand / Live event streaming
  • Custom apps, players and frameworks
  • Multi-tier API frameworks and service layer
  • Analytics (custom and 3rd party support)
  • Scalable sotrage (partnership with HP)
  • Monetization, security and user authentication
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